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INCUTOOLS CHILE born from the need of the customers to obtain a professional supplier in the sale of knives and service of sharpening unique for the circular and flat knives. The objective is to supply and advise technically the users of industrial knives for the different types of industries, such as: Plastics, Paper, Labels, Diapers, Cardboard, Tissue, Meat, Metalmechanics, etc.

Our imports with conventions and representations of leading companies in the world in the sale of industrial knives, makes INCUTOOLS CHILE a quality supplier. We have machines for the service of grinding and sharpening of knives, against knives and knives for flat mills. Within our services is the removal and delivery of knives in each company’s warehouse


  • Hojas Cortantes
  • Cuchillos Circulares
  • Contra Cuchillos Circulares
  • Corta Cuchillos
  • Cuchillos Circulares
  • Cuchillos
  • Fibra de Corte para Guillotinas
  • Cuchillos para Tissue
  • Cuchillos para Corte de Metal


Circular Knife Sharpening Machine

German Precision Circular Knife Sharpening Machine Year 2008, with digital control cooling system, automatic advance, special to deliver sharpening polished for longer duration, sharp knife set to a single measurement.

Circular Knife Sharpening Machine

German Precision Circular Knife Sharpening Machine Year 2012, with digital touch control cooling system, computer to memorize measurements, automatic advance, special measures regulation to deliver sharpening polished for longer duration. Knife sharp circular, against knives, knives double angle up to 400 mm.

Flat Knife Sharpening Machine

Flat grinding machine, Italian year 2009, with magnetic base, cooling system, for grinding and grinding, special for sharpening flat knives, guillotines, special knives with lateral angles.


In 1923 the Steinbrück & Drucks steel products factory was founded in Solingen, the city of blades par excellence. In the 1950s production expanded, from razor blades to manual and DIY blades. In the 1960s special industrial handles and blades were introduced into the production program.

Nearly 400 years of tradition in the production of high quality steel in RAVNE gave us rich experience and knowledge. With modern advanced technology, state-of-the-art machineries and heat treatment and dedication to quality it has become the largest producer of industrial blades worldwide. Our commitment to quality is confirmed by ISO 9001 certification.

Founded in 1976, Elio Cavagna Srl, is a company that has been dedicated to working in the area associated with longitudinal cutting scissors, razor blades as well as pressure materials such as plastic, woven and nonwoven paper, glass fibers, Rubber, as well as aluminum. The company is a producer, not only of porta cuchillos, but also of standard cut or modules that conform to the specifications of the client.

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Cutting tools for industry

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